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Inspiration Management was formed in 1986 with the aim of giving its members control over the direction and purpose of their careers, gaining an insight into the way the industry works and providing a sense of camaraderie: each actor working within a group of others, to further their own and their colleagues' careers.


As one of the oldest co-ops now working, Inspiration Management has formed close links with a number of casting directors and producers, largely as a result of being able to provide the right people for the right job. 


We are also members of the Co-operative Personal Management Accociation (CPMA).

I've been a part of Inspiration for many years and the support, encouragement and care from my fellow members has been invaluable.

Submitting actors for work, negotiating contracts, viewing showreels, running auditions, helping with self-tapes, even picking an actor up off the floor when a casting doesn't go their way all help you grow and develop as an actor.  

Hannah Smith

Casting Professionals 

Inspiration Management offers a reliable, focussed and efficient service to casting directors. As a long-standing successful co-operative, we have built up a strong community of actors and links with key industry figures.


As actors and agents, we understand how the industry operates from both sides, which gives us valuable insight when it comes to making recommendations. We understand one anothers particular strengths and will only make intelligent and considered submissions.  


Our members come with a wealth of experience across all fields from the West End to television, from feature film to radio, commercials to voice-over. We are dedicated to working for the success of one anothers careers and recognise the significant role of casting professionals in this. 


We will continue to foster professional and productive relationships with casting directors. For more information, please contact us

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