Our books are currently open.  We are particularly interested in hearing from:


- BAME women from ethnic backgrounds        different to our current membership

-BAME men of any age and type

- Men with a playing age of 16-30

- Men and women with a playing age of 60+


Joining Inspiration Management


Please send us an email about yourself and what interests you about joining a co-operative agency, along with a link to your Spotlight CV and details of any forthcoming projects that you may be appearing in. We also accept links to actors' showreels.


You must  appear in the Spotlight Casting Directory - if you are not in the current edition, then you must be in the subsequent one. This is essential, as we receive many casting breakdowns via the Spotlight Link.


Every member of the Agency needs to read thoroughly and agree to abide by our formal Constitution. We all work to further each other's careers, as well as our own. 


Working in the office, you will make contact with all our members and get to know their strengths and weaknesses. You will also be privy to information not available to other actors and files that have taken many years to build up.


Attending our meetings, when policy is discussed, procedures updated and new applicants interviewed is, unless you are working, a central responsibility of membership.


Members commit to working in the Inspiration Mangement office for a minimum of two and a half days in every month. The actors' agency relies upon continuous office cover in order to function successfully.


If you would like any further information on membership of Inspiration Management, or have any questions, please contact us.

INSPIRATION MANAGEMENT, 3.3 Hoxton Works,128, Hoxton Street,London, N1 6SH

020 7012 1614 mail@inspirationmanagement.org.uk